Days Classes Hours
MONDAY Ballet (Miss Lyza) 4:30

Tap/Jazz (Miss Lyza) 5:15

Hip Hop II (Miss Lyza) 6:00

Senior Tap/Jazz (Miss Andrea) 6:45

TUESDAY Tap/Jazz (Miss Andrea) 5:00

Ballet I (Miss Andrea) 6:00

Lyrical (Miss Andrea & Miss Abbie) 6:45

WEDNESDAY Ballet (Miss Lyza) 4:30

Hip Hop I (Miss Lyza) 5:15

Hip Hop III (Miss Lyza) 6:00

Irish Step (Miss Andrea) 6:45


THURSDAY Tap/Jazz (Miss Andrea) 5:00

Ballet II (Miss Andrea) 5:45



Due to the small size of the waiting room, I ask that only one parent wait in the waiting room. I also ask that you do not leave any children unattended in the waiting room, as it can be a distraction to the class, the teachers as well as other parents. You are not required to wait for your child’s class to get over, but it is my policy that you pick your child up inside and on time. Parents/friends/family are NOT allowed to sit in the studio and watch.

If your child is sick, please do not send them to dance class.

There will be a $15 late charge per class if tuition is paid after the first week of the month.

Contact us about times for open dance times and special events.
Prices range from $0-10